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Please send interesting links to (all European languages). Rob van Zuilen is the editor of this chapter of our website. Plentyful interesting information on HHO-Watergas can be found on the internet. We have selected a few that may help you on your web surf adventure. Good luck! 


information on 'scientific' aspects of water-watergas-carbon hydroxides-syngas-hydrogen-0.point energy

information on watergas in Internal Combustion Engines and Turbine Engines. 

Application of HHO in buildings (heating, cooling and energy supply)

Use of watergasses and torches in working with materials, such as cutting and welding of metals, catalytic properties of HHO, degrading of nuclear waste, gasification with waterplasma. 

Bio-en medical  
Application of watergas in bio-industry and in medical practices. 

Special Projects  
We try to launch special projects ourselves, but are eager to learn about special projects from other parties.  

information from the scientific - both official and from pioneering researchers. 

Society and Economics
Watergas and other water-related energy agents will play an important role in the energy transition we are facing. HHO-business cases are welcome please. 


Where can HHO-companies and researchers be found? 

Links Links Links

On this page you find a directory with many links to interesting websites. 

This column holds some hi-lights.

* Self powered HHO-generator 

It can be done!......

....leading to a key question mark: is water a fuel?

We think it is - under certain conditions. Go to Basics of Watergas


Peswiki is an important source of information on new energy developments. Peswiki also provides information on HHO-Watergas. You can find their website by clicking on HHO.


Another source for the HHO-sector is HODINFO. Their website provides an open source mount of information, for pioneers and professionals. You can find their website by clicking on HHO.


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