Welding and Cutting with water energy

In China welding and cutting with HHO is quite popular. In remote areas in wester China it is hard to get acetylene and other aggregates of the welding and cutting process. With watergas it is a lot easier. Mostly electricity and water are available. 

Please look at:

1. KingKar China

2. Multiplaz

The interesting aspect of cutting and welding with water energy is that is saves on energy. Certainly when water plasma torches are applied. 

Water plasma is also very effective in the gasification sector. Please have some patience, we will adress this issue later. You can already search on terms like 'water plasma gasification' and 'water plasma torch'. 

Interesting companies are:

1. Plazarium;

2. HTT Canada

Multiplaz 3500W water plasma torch

With this plasma torch we have executed our experiment to prove that water can be transformed into a source of energy. 


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