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Watergas.EU aims to be the European website for the watergas sector. You can find European watergas companies via the Watergas.EU website. And we scout for news items and research published on watergas technology and science. In case you have interesting news items please be welcome to place an article. If you like, you can help us out with translations in your own (European) language. Please send your information or translation to

Our vision: water bcomes a source of energy 

Water will play become the key in future energy supply. By the way - it already does! Soon water will become a source of energy. Water is now predominantly an energy carrier. That will change. Water becomes a SOURCE of ENERGY. Please do not expect tsunami's. New water energy technologies are still as small as a mustard seed. But development can get very quick, since most of water technologies are basically not very complicated.  

Water - in one form or another will heat our homes and fuel our vehicles. In combination with solar and wind power water will become the main source of power. It is resonance physics that opens the gate toward water as a fuel. With resonance we can turn water into watergas - which is a combustable. The technology is relatively simple. A Water-Energy Transition will not only disrupt existing structures, but it will bring huge benefits as well. World energy markets are already shifting, due to the crescent of sustainable energies. This is the beginning!

Changes in classical physics are paving the way to new physical theories. Quantum physics will become more accepted. Watergas is linked with quantum physics - in its own way. Insights from 'watergas physics' will attribute substantially to the shift in 'scientific physics'.

The use of fossil fuels can be reduced drastically. Recently researchers have produced kerosine with water and CO2. In the end we will gasify waste materials into syngas (CO and H2) to produce CH4 as the base material for complex carbon hydroxides, such as plastics and fuels. Lightning in a water jar (LENR) will produce huge amounts of energy at very low cost! Energy prices will drop even more! 

The good side of this news is that the water-energy transition will serve the increasing demand in countries like China, India and Brazil. Bad news is that huge reserves of fossil fuels will remain unmined. Conventional oil companies will have to write off large chunks of assets from their balance sheets. Good news is that new water-energy industry will attract new investments. It will create new jobs in water-energy industry, while in fossil-fuel industry jobs will be lost. 

From the point of view of the consumer, the development of water-energy technology is getting too slow. Why is this not known by a wider circle of scientists, producers, consumers? It is our vision that watergas will become important. It is important that people in Europe know what HHO is.  And what is the difference between Watergas and Hydrogen (HHO and H2). Watergas is more powerful. And Watergas shows some interesting anomalous properties. That is why Watergas needs a platform without commercial interests. 

Our strategy

Our strategy is to provide information. This has many faces. Consumers must know where HHO-people can be found. Where you can buy units to test HHO in your own car. Producers must know other producers in Europe - so they eventually cooperate. We provide networking opportunities. We introduce producers to clients. We promote professionalization. We promote interaction between pioneers and professionals. To large companies we provide information on how to get cleaner transportation and fuel powered devices - while in the same time saving on costs. yes, HHO provides a positive business case. And we will try to get watergas into scientific research. 

Professionalisation and pioneering

Out in the field many professional pioneers are busy with HHO-development. At the same time HHO-companies are producing better products. Validation of products is improving. Some pioneers have adopted their own HHO-theory, It is important that insights among professionals and pioneers are exchanged, since classical physics can not yet answer many questions of HHO-companies.  Watergas.EU wants to provide a bridge between HHO-pioneering researchers and HHO-professionals. In the Netherlands and Flandres we have experienced that this exchange leads to better products. Now we see that big motor companies start to become interested in HHO. Shortly motorstands will be made available to scientifically test HHO on big engines. Now it is time to expand to Europe, like the USA-based HHO-International platform for our continent. 

The Watergas.EU team

Now the team is still small. Caspar Pompe has initiated Watergas.NU for the Dutch speaking area of the Netherlands and Flandres. Pier Winsemius is coaching the team of WAVE-Cooperation team.  Merijn Rutgers is our website man. from many people we receive information on relevant developments. Watergas.EU tries to launch two taskforces, one for big engines and one for the energy sector. In all countries we look for ambassadors. Eventually we hope to get a network of contacts all over Europe. 

Most important are HHO-companies. They are the real Watergas Team. We hope to develop a good relation with the companies and to serve the accelleration  of the HHO-market. As service to consumers we will focus on validation and quality of products. 

Funding Watergas.EU

If funding permits, Watergas.EU would like to participate or initiate scientific research.

Your contribution is highly appreciated and can be transferred to IBAN account number NL76 RABO 0115 3851 34. 'Bij voorbaat hartelijk dank!' Thanks a lot!




NB: HHO - Watergas is explosive.
Watergas.EU is not responsible for eventual damage to readers who are practicing with HHO. We promote a professional approach. Safety is of prime importance. If you work with a watergas installation please check and double check! 

The Watergas.EU Team

Caspar Pompe.

- general coordinator

Max van Asch van Wijck

- financial manager

Pier Winsemius

- marketing advisor 

Merijn Rutgers

- WAVE-webmaster

Berno Schouten

- WAVE-advisor

Han Kranenburg

- supervisory board


Information - Caspar Pompe, +316 5252 5935 (NL, EN, FR, DE)