Energy Transition

State of the energy market

The energy market is in in turmoil. OPEC has decided to keep on pumping oil into the market. Oil and gas prices are down about 50% in less than half a year. Solar energy is becoming cheaper, while governements promote wind energy heavely. Consequently, the electricity market is flooded with sustainable energy. So, electricity is getting cheaper as well. At night one has to pay to push electricity into the grid! Big European energy companies are having a hard time! How many will have to be saved by their national governments?

When J P Morgan goes out of oil and when E-on sells its non-sustainable energy units something is going to happen. We find ourselves in an energy transition!  Many authors write about transition scenario's. The scenario of The Club of Rome is interesting. Carbon consumption will be decimated. This means that oil and gas will not be depleted. Demand will drop drastically. Hence big oil companies will have to write off a substantial chunk of their reserves. Which will have a huge impact on the economy. Next crisis in the making! 

Hydro(gen) economy v. 2.0?

Not many authors write about the ascent of water-related energies. Two decades ago we dreamt of a hydrogen economy. These dreams did not come true. Hydrogen was still too expensive and required costly infrastructure. In most countries hydrogen just isn't feasible. 

But the tide is turning. Water related energies seem to break through. Although we are still in the beginning of the validation. But, we wouldn't be surprised if this small wave of blue innovations will turn out into a huge tidal flood. One example is interesting. When Fleischmann and Pons presented 'cold fusion', they were ridiculed away. Now, twenty years later, the technology is renamed into Low Energy Nuclear Rections (LENR) - which is a lighting rod in a jar of water. Now, several developers are presenting their devices. If their claims come true, they can produce electricity at less than 1 cent/kWh. The devices are relatively small. Other water energies are also on the brink to emerge in the market. 

So, it is about time to brainstorm about a Hydro(gen) Economie version 2.0. We would be glad to receive your input on possible scenario's for an energy transition inwhich water related energy is playing a major role! 


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