Special projects

Chances for investors

Watergas.NU/Watergas.EU has invested about 5 years in network development. Now we know a (small) piece of the HHO-landscape of Europe. In the Netherlands people know to find us. We wish to extend our network into Europe. In the Netherlands our efforts lead to enquiries from businesses and interested individuals. Incidental questions sometimes have led to specific projects. Out of these projects some interesting chances for investors have developed. In case you are interested, please contact us.  

Laboratory & Benchmarking

The need for research is great. However, many academics are convinced that HHO, Watergas, Brownsgas is a hoax. Let alone transforming water into a source of energy. We must admit, there is a lot of HHO-scam on the market, But increasingly we see certified products from qualified producers, like EPOCH in Taiwan. And...I see in modern physics that quantum physics is gaining ground. Paradigms are on the move. Research on water energy will become hot soon! 

Special-Project Options

Special Projects in which watergas is applied in a specific purpose. Recently we have started some interesting projects. In the column on the right the projects are outlined. 

Project 1501
Hybrid Watergas/Natural Gas Heating System 

The first project together with a developer from our network concerns a central house-heating system that runs on at least 2/3rd on watergas. At this moment we can't tell more as yet. 

Project 1601 
Water Energy Pioneers 

Since the beginning of this year  we have formed a working group of pioneers. The working group supports with demonstartion of watergas at presentations. Now we can show the public how water can be burnt. The group convenes on saturdays. 

Project 1602 
Energy company on Warm Water, Steam and Electricity i.o.

Two participants of Project 1601 have decided to form an energy-production company. The focus is on production of warm water. But steam and electricity is an option as well. Launching customers are found in Glass House Farming.  This new company is a production company, so energy generation is preferrably realised with equipment of watergas companies. The company is currently in the process of establishment. A concept business plan is now at the table of a private investor.  

Project 1603 
Pilot plant Transformation of CO2 to CH4

Watergas.NU cooperates with a developer, Mr Rein Reinkort, to transfer his knowledge on CO2 tranformation (with use of watergas) into reality. Currently we are in negotiation with a Duthch Energy Firm and other partners to establish this company. This process is important to Watergas.NU to set in motion the Wataer Energy Transition. 


Information - Caspar Pompe, +316 5252 5935 (NL, EN, FR, DE)